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The Paris Opéra was specially commissioned by Emperor Napoleon III as part of the extensive urban renewal projects led by the city's prefect, Haussmann. Certainly, the most emblematic of the construction projects of that time is this opera. Architect Charles Garnier designed his palatial opera house to accommodate the lyric arts and the socialites who exalt them.

One step inside Garnier's creation and the visitor is transported to an ethereal world of musical and artistic enchantments. The sumptuous and eclectic interior design is undeniably the hallmark of this theatre/museum.


The guided tour affords visitors an appreciation of the following areas:

  • Subscribers' Rotunda
  • Grand Staircase
  • Auditorium (unless closed for rehearsals)
  • Library-Museum Gallery
  • Main Foyer
  • Small Foyer
  • Salon du Glacier

For the visit of the backstage
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